Have 8 Figure Amazon Sellers Build You Your Own FBA Private Label Brand!

Watch this video below as we show you our warehouse tour with a client going through how we have perfected, product sourcing, international shipping and logistics and more ......

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Actively managed Amazon Brands


Amazon FBA Private Label Stores Exited for over a combined 3.2 Million in Profit!

What Our Clients Say

36 Month Money -Back Guarantee

If your store doesn't return your initial investment within three years, Apical guarantees to purchase the assets and offset the difference, demonstrating our commitment to your financial success.


Why dont you do wholesale?

Wholesale has very thin margins that are lower that 10% and we saw the writing on the wall 5 years ago and stopped doing it personally!

Apical was founded on our extensive previous experience in this field and the acknowledgement that we had to create a service that was focused on longevity, creation of brand equity, and the power of social media to make any brand go viral from 1 video!

Also instead of 10% margins, Private Label market average is 45%!

If this is so successful, why don't you just keep this to yourselves? Why do you need me?

Initially our founder did. But there are 2 reasons for why Apical partners with clients.

1. Amazon limit each seller to only one seller central account. So by partnering with clients, Apical can continue to expand its portfolio while our clients benefit from our expertise.

2. When building brands on Amazon, it's essential to distribute them across multiple storefronts, each housing niche products. These products should function as a cohesive unit, ensuring a targeted and synergistic brand experience.

How many stores do you manage?

Over 325 active stores.

Is FBA better than dropshipping?

Amazon prohibits dropshipping, risking store suspension and funds held for 180+ days if violated.

Apical ensures compliance by establishing your branded Amazon FBA store with uniquely sourced products, without dropshipping.

How involved in the process do I have to be?

Our services manage the main tasks of establishing and running your Amazon store, but initially, you'll handle some setup details.

Once that's done, we take over product selection, development, fulfillment, and store management, offering you flexibility in your involvement.

We take care of everything – from opening your Amazon store, selecting the right products based on meticulous research, developing and manufacturing the product, shipping, creating listings, to marketing and managing the store.

Can we sell our store?

At Apical, we have already exited 3 of our stores, including one of our CEOs stores, with 4 private label products! Our goal here at Apical is to allow our clients to grow past the $1 million a year mark, and then, through our network of already astute and hungry digital private equity partners, we will be able to exit each and every one of our stores by the end of your 3rd year!